Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The end

With four weeks to my dissertation defense, I figured it was time to professionalize my online profile. I never could have predicted the ways I would grow and change in these past six years in Denton, the friends I would make or the community I would become a part of. It's strange that it all comes to an end soon, but in a week and a half I will be submitting my dissertation, and only two weeks later, I will have earned my doctorate. With the end fast approaching, my friends and I booked Dallas headshot photographer Brad Taylor to help us commemorate our years here in Denton. We spent an enjoyable Sunday with Brad taking headshots around the Denton square, resulting not only in professional and natural shots perfect for marketing ourselves professionally but also a great day of reminiscing and camaraderie. As sad as I am to leave this home here in Denton, I'm so excited to see what's next!

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